Natural Cough & Allergy Relief

5 Types of Tulsi Vishnu-Priya + Bisva + Rama
+ Kala + Basil Sweet Lemon Tulsi

Haldi Anti-Bacterial

Ashwagandha Builds immunity

Adulsa Clears cough

Yashtimadhu Relieves sore throat

Three-Way Action -

Reduces Allergies + Relieves Cough + Builds Immunity

Not just herbs, but standardised actives

First Time Now - Paraben Free | Child Safe

  • Parabens are artificial preservatives
  • Paraben are banned in many countries
  • They disrupt hormonal functions and can affect child growth
  • All Ayusas cough syrups are Paraben Free


100% Natural

Child Safe

Paraben Free

Range of natural specialist products for different types of cough

Time tested Ayurvedic formulation for respiratory wellness, made more effective with modern scientific technology. 100% natural & safe cough syrup, inhalations, herbal drops, immunity boosters.