Double Strength with Higher Therapeutic Dose

Herbs Ayusas Double Strength Ordinary Cough Syrup
Adulsa 700 MG 400 MG
Yashtimadhu 525 MG 250 MG
Kantakari 350 MG 200 MG
Tulsi 175 MG 120 MG
Haldi 105 MG 60 MG

Not just herbs, but standardised actives

Suffering from persistent cough & bronchitis

First Time Now - Paraben Free | Child Safe

  • Parabens are artificial preservatives
  • Paraben are banned in many countries
  • They disrupt hormonal functions and can affect child growth
  • All Ayusas cough syrups are Paraben Free


100% Natural

Child Safe

Paraben Free

Range of natural specialist products for different types of cough

Time tested Ayurvedic formulation for respiratory wellness, made more effective with modern scientific technology. 100% natural & safe cough syrup, inhalations, herbal drops, immunity boosters.